If you have been through trauma at some point in your life and want help with your healing process, read on.

For over 8 years now, I have been working in my calling as a Clinical Counsellor helping men and women uncover, sort through, and leave behind the emotional and mindset challenges that are keeping them down or holding them back.

And what I’ve come to learn is most people have been through some kind of trauma in their lives that has significantly impacted the way they understand themselves, other people, the world, or all 3.

Whether it was being bullied in grade school, having parents who went through a divorce, going through a painful rejection, or having experienced some kind of abuse or neglect, trauma is something that is all too real for many, and really has a way of leaving its deep footprint on our lives.

And although I have done some formal trauma training in my years as a therapist, because this is such a permeating issue for so many, I felt it time to really dive in and learn what it is about trauma that can throw things so far off for us, and also what needs to be done in order to get ourselves, our psyche’s and our lives back on track.

So, I have a plan. 

And, here’s where you come in:

For the first time, I’m inviting you to come along on a Healing TraumaInteractive Journey with me.

From July 31 – Aug 4, 2017 I will be taking a trip to Boston MA to attend a 5 day intensive training on how to understand and treat past emotional or psychological trauma

I will be training with some of the foremost leaders in the field of psychology, who have dedicated their lives and careers to researching and discovering some of the most effective ways to understand and treat trauma.

And I’d love for you to come with me on this virtual journey!

If selected, this is what the journey looks like: 

  • For each of the 5 days of the training, at the end of the day’s teaching I will be spending anywhere from 45 – 75 min debriefing the day and answering your questions LIVE on video in a private Healing TraumaJourney Members Only Facebook group.
  • I will share with you my thoughts, insights, and reflections about what I am learning, and we will be talking about tools and strategies for healing and dealing with trauma.
  • We will be having group discussions in the Facebook group throughout the 5 days, and you will have direct access to me in the group, and opportunities to ask me questions that I will answer in the group as well.
  • You will also receive a separate video recording of all the live sessions from the entire week to keep.

Who this opportunity is for: 

  1. Anyone who has had any kind of past trauma and still sometimes struggles with some of the emotional or psychological impact of it
  2. Anyone who has done therapy or healing from their trauma, but feels like they want to understand it better
  3. Anyone who has done therapy or healing for their trauma, but feels like they would still like to do more work on it
  4. Anyone who has someone in their life who has been through trauma, and wants to understand better what their loved one is going through.

Who this opportunity is NOT for:

  1. Anyone who is currently struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  2. Anyone who is currently struggling with Major Depressive Disorder
  3. Anyone who is feeling suicidal
  4. Anyone who is experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of trauma and are looking for deep 1:1 healing.

*Please note this is NOT a treatment program or a replacement for trauma therapy.  It is a personal development journey of understanding trauma better in the hopes that the information and the discussions will help you come to more clarity, understanding, and healing from your past.

There is a small catch to all of this though: this email is being sent out to over 2000 people, and I would like to keep the group small and intimate so we can have some meaningful learning and conversations throughout the week.

If you are serious about being a part of this with me then you’ll need to fill in the quick and easy questionnaire below by the end of day on Friday July 21st, 2017.  

The fee to participate in this intimate, never-to-be-replicated experience, including everything listed above is $97 USD

Click the button below to fill out the brief questionnaire. 


Those who the Healing Trauma Journey is most suited for will be sent registration and payment information for the $97 fee via email – watch your inbox for that after the July 21st questionnaire deadline.
I can’t wait to help you understand this one better, and help you work through it.

Big love,
Julia Kristina